Artist Spotlight: Village Art & Calligraphy

Village Art and Calligraphy

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Ann Johnson of Village Art & Calligraphy has had a lifelong passion for watercolor painting, calligraphy, and bookmaking. Her love of paper crafts has inspired her to make unique, personalized items that her customers cherish for themselves or as special gifts. Anne lives outside of West Chester, near the village of Marshallton. Marshallton has many buildings dating back to the 1700s, including a blacksmith shop, tavern, church, and meeting house. The history of the village and the beautiful countryside surrounding it have been a constant source of inspiration for her to carry on the simple, age-old art of calligraphy and craft of bookmaking. The soft natural tones she incorporates into her watercolors appear in many of her crafts, from the family tree background to the pages of her journals. The colors are warm and nostalgic, inviting her customers to reconnect with the simple pleasures of opening a handmade book or displaying a personalized family tree.