Atist Spotlight: The Paintings of David Oleski

The Paintings of David Oleski

096b The Paintings of David Oleski

096c The Paintings of David Oleski

West Chester artist David Oleski creates traditional still-life oil paintings on the grand scale. Reminiscent of 19th century Impressionists, Oleski uses a bold palette and thick, layered, deliberate brushwork. The forms depicted in his still-lifes appear sculpture-like with their striking dimensions and minimalist compositions. Dappled sunlight simultaneously clings to the forms and hangs in the encompassing negative space of his expansive canvasses. Oleski describes his layering technique: “What once felt random and loose quickly becomes very controlled and meticulous as the complexity of the surface builds up, creating a carefully woven tapestry of light and color.” View more at The Paintings of David Oleski and visit Oleski’s booth and his work on April 26th at Art on the Square.