Artist Spotlight: StormFlight Designs

StormFlight Designs

097c StormFlight Designs

097d StormFlight Designs

StaC Peterson of StormFlight Designs creates handcrafted jewelry utilizing traditional silversmithing techniques and tools.  Her designs are classic with an upbeat feel and incorporate genuine gemstones, lampwork glass, and leather. Peterson describes the exploration and process of her favorite mediums; fine metals and gemstones:

[S]ince taking classes at a cozy little art school in the hills of Georgia, I have been perfecting my skills in stone cutting, chain making and metal-smithing, and have found the metals I love working with; primarily silver and copper. I started with classes on gemstone facetting and silver-smithing.  Now I go every summer and add to my skills: enameling, casting, chasing & repousse’, etc. …you will see these skills reflected in my work.

Peterson’s skills create a diverse tapestry of texture, line, and form. The joy the artist has for her craft is apparent when admiring StormFlight Designs handcrafted jewelry.